The Challenger and The Nice Guy with Traver Boehm

what does it mean to be a man? why do men numb out to deal with internal conflict?

these questions and more will be answered by my guest Traver Boehm, author, speaker, and facilitator of the Uncivilized Nation.  Traver joins me this week on the podcast to educate us on how the Nice Guy shows up for men in relationships.

the challenger podcast (previously Believe Be Real Be Bold) is for those that want to question the status quo and approach life from a different angle. it is for those of you that are fiercely independent in relationships and intense about your life. these conversations will explore life through the lens of the enneagram, attachment theory, and leadership and aims to inspire you to unlock the limiting beliefs that hold you back in life, love, and business.

Traver Boehm @traverboehm is a former MMA fighter, a Challenger on the Enneagram like me, and the author of Man Uncivilized.  it is a ground breaking work of poetry, thoughts, and an honest portrayal of the challenges men face in the world today.

I’ve seen the Nice Guy show up in my past and have experienced a lot of growth in the past few years when facing those tendencies and integrating that part back into my psyche.  in our interview today, Traver and I focus on how we can solve what needs all of our attention in our modern world; that it’s ok to be a man.

what I took away from our conversation is too lengthy to list here, so tune in to the full conversation on your favorite podcast app and leave us a 5 star rating and a written review.  to stay connected and get more information on enneagram coaching with Dave Glaser, CSCS, click here now and sign up for a free week!

I am giving away one copy to a lucky listener on our instagram account this week so please connect with us @thechallengerpodcast on social media to ask questions, provide feedback, and go deeper in the conversation with us.

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