The Challenger and Isolation with Robert Joseph

why do mean shut others out by isolating themselves? why do men need the support of other men? these questions and more will be answered with my guest this week Robert Joseph, author, speaker, and mens coach.  Robert joins me to share his powerful story with us on how finding like minded men to speak to helps us grow.

Robert Joseph @rjcoachingnyc has a mission to serve with strength, love, and humility.  he is constantly sharing his poetry, thoughts, and philosophy on the challenges men face in the world today.

I’ve seen friends of mine isolate themselves when they are going through a transition or major change in their lives such as a break up or a job loss.  that is the most common time men reach out for support and I can relate because a year ago, I lost a great job and income without having any idea where to turn. that’s when I sought out my own community for support and I am grateful that I did.

what I took away from our conversation is too lengthy to list here, so tune in to the full conversation on your favorite podcast app and leave us a 5 star rating and a written review.  

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