The Challenger and Vulnerability with Pedro Meyer

Pedro Meyer is a Brazilian singer, musician, songwriter, and a teammate of mine at Easton Training Center who joins me on the podcast this week to discuss Muay Thai competitions, the challenger personality type, and masculinity in the modern world.

Pedro and I agree that vulnerability is a massive challenge for men in the world today. We dig into all things martial arts and relating as the challenger as we date in the modern world. He was born in Brazil and came to the United States at the age of 23 to pursue a better life for himself and his family. Pedro shares his vulnerability as he describes a divorce and a break up that teaches us gratitude through a simulated death.

Other topics we discussed today were…

Toxic positivity, grieving a relationship, suppression of emotions, boundaries, and so much more!

We hope to inspire through his powerful message and story and if his story resonates with you today, please connect with him on Instagram @_thewarriorpoet or on his website

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