The Masculine in Relationship with GS Youngblood

On this week’s episode, GS and I discuss the depths of an intimate relationship, what shame looks like for men, and how authentic relating can expand our experiences in life. We also learn about what our mindset around fear looks like and that most fears arise and are unexamined. GS and I discuss edgy topics in this thoughtful and heartfelt conversation about the masculine in relationship today.

We don’t stop there! We dig into sexual leadership and the impact masculine leadership can have on a relationship. If you follow his blueprint for success, you will find your partner trusting your leadership more and more the deeper you go within yourself.

That Masculine in Relationship blueprint can be summed up with these three foundational principles

Respond vs React

Create Safety

Provide Structure

I have been anticipating the release of today’s episode with @gsyoungbloodmir for the past couple of weeks! His book The Masculine in Relationship has opened my heart to new depths of what leadership by the masculine energy means to me. Please connect with him on Instagram @gsyoungbloodmir to learn more about his work with men.

Leave me a comment below when you are finished listening and share your biggest takeaways!

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