Masculine Leadership in Relationship with Jessica Smith

who pays on the first date? what are ways in which the masculine can show up in a relationship to lead? and why is that so important?these questions and more will be answered by my guest Jessica Smith, author, dating coach, and international yoga retreat leader.  

Jessica joins me this week on the podcast to educate us on how the masculine core energy can show up with leadership in a relationship.Jessica Smith and I have been friends for years and we have a familiarity with how we each have shown up in relationships in the past. she is a loyalist on the Enneagram and we discuss how her anxious attachment style showed up in a recent relationship for her. that story was shared on her podcast Game of Love and that inspired our in depth conversation today to answer questions for our masculine core essence listeners.

we also hope that our feminine audience finds a lot of value in her advice today!I’ve seen my lack of leadership show up in my past and have experienced a lot of growth in the past few years when facing those tendencies and learning more about how I can show up for myself and my partner.  

in our interview today, Jessica and I focus on how men can take the lead when they meet someone on a dating app, before the first date, and share our thoughts on who texts first after the date!

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