Astrology and The Enneagram with Gail Evans

how do you go deeper than your Enneagram type or astrological sign?  what can you gain from the self-awareness that these two tools can show you?

Gail Evans @your.soul.revelead joins me on the podcast this week to answer these questions and so much more.  she is a 2w3 and a 1:1 subtype which gave me a new mirror to see myself in as we recorded this fun live event a couple weeks ago.  we take this opportunity to dig even deeper into my cancer sun, leo moon, and aquarius rising signs as they parallel my enneagram personality type 8w7 with a 1:1 subtype.

would you like more of this conversation with Gail and I?  we are hosting a limited live event soon to go over your enneagram and astrological chart with a fun virtual vibe absolutely free!  Click here to get all the details now.

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