Misunderstood as The Challenger with Libby Cole

Libby Cole, owner of Expand Coaching and Consulting and an Enneagram 8w7, joins me on the podcast to talk about her experience as The Challenger personality type. She has learned through her life and business experience that Challengers who are women are often times the most misunderstood Enneagram type.

Libby wants to set the record straight that female 8s can be soft, influential, and great leaders all at the same time! I couldn’t agree more that she shows up with empathy, sensitivity, and a lot of fire for her mission in life.

Libby’s background professionally was mostly higher education before taking the leap to become a business owner and empowering herself to lead others through Enneagram coaching.

Libby believes that misunderstanding and miscommunication is what holds people back in relationships. In her words, “When people begin to learn more about themselves, they can also be more understanding of others. This is a beautiful outcome of learning the Enneagram, the awareness that there are 8 other ways of approaching something. It can also give you permission to step into your true, authentic self without apology.”

If her message resonates with you today, please connect with her on Instagram @enneagramtoexpand or via email at libby@expandcandc.com

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