Less is More with Samantha Joy

Samantha Joy joins me on the podcast this week as an Enneagram type 7, and author of the book The Less Effect: Design Your Life for Happiness and Purpose. As an Identity Coach to Entrepreneurs and Influencers and #1 Bestselling Author, her mission is to educate people on how to step into their authentic self by letting go of items in your physical, social, and habitual environments.

On today’s episode, we dig deep into how she was possibly mistyped as a type 2, The Helper for years before she finally uncovered that she was an “Enthusiast” on the Enneagram personality testing system. We talked a lot about parenting and her career in upper level management in the financial industry before she set out on her own.

Samantha will be launching The Less Effect 8-Week Online Course in the fall where she guides you in releasing your past to make room for your future.

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If Sam’s message resonates with you today, please connect with her @iamsamanthajoy or via email at hello@thelesseffect.com

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