Break ups, Fitness Facts, and Online Dating

Episode #1 of a Brand New Series!  We kick off the Lift Laugh Love series of the Believe Be Real Be Bold podcast with an episode you’ve been dying to hear!  I will catch you up on how Covid Fatigue hit me hard last fall, causing me to evaluate what were my top priorities.  I will update you on how I have been healing from my break up from last August and introduce you to how non-attachment comes into online dating for me now.

In each of the next few episodes, I will drop some fitness facts on you that you may not have heard before and would love to start the conversation on social media.  Drop me a line on TikTok @dave.glaser or on Instagram @daveglaser_cscs to get more details on the Lift Laugh Love podcast with Dave Glaser, CSCS

Group coaching begins Feb ’22 with two time slots to get involved and as always, send me a DM if you are interested in one on one fitness or relationship coaching.

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