The Stories We Keep Telling Ourselves are Untrue with Debbie Scheer

On this week’s episode of the podcast, I am joined by Debbie Scheer, MC and comedian from Denver, Co. We met through a previous podcast guest, Meghann Conter, and this week we expand on sobriety, being sober curious and how we both show up when dating in Denver.

Debbie shares her unique perspective on relationships, parenting and dating in the LBGTQ community while living a sober life. Debbie’s powerful story resonates with me today and if you connect with her message in any way, please connect with her further at or on Instagram @debbiescheerspeaks

If you are looking for more support in your own dating journey, please send me a direct message to me on Instagram @daveglaser_cscs and I will get you an invitation to join our private, small group zoom call for a free week trial!

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