Will Smith and The Oscars with Dave Glaser

Let’s take a look at what occurred at the Oscars from a different angle on today’s solo podcast episode. Did you catch what happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock? What came up for you when you saw what went down between the two involved?

For me, compassion and curiosity were at the forefront of the interaction. Did I have initial judgement while watching the altercation through my own lens and experiences? Absolutely. And I chose to sit with the emotions that showed up for me and decided to go live on TikTok to provide support for our community with what showed up for them as well.

Tune in as I share what my thoughts and feelings were about the whole scenario including the memes, videos and assumptions that appeared on social media over the next day. Subscribe now and be the first to hear what our expert guest has to say about relational programming and cognitive dissonance on next week’s episode with returning guest and psychologist, Dr. Liz Fedrick.

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