The Myth of Finding “The One” with Dr. Liz Fedrick

If there is one episode of the podcast that I would recommend you listen to from beginning to end, this one is it. This is The One!  On this week’s episode of the podcast, we welcome back Dr. Liz Fedrick from Evolve Counseling to discuss relational programming and how it plays a role in how we choose partners.  From childhood to adulthood, our family systems and relational programming lay the foundations in our subconscious for how we choose romantic partners.

Dr. Fedrick is an expert in the field of human psychology, behavior and attachment theory accepting clients at two locations in Arizona and if her message resonates with you today, please connect with her on Instagram @evolvecounselingaz

Check out more information about the Infinity Loop she mentioned in our interview here.

If you’re looking for more support in your life and relationships right now, please join us for a free week trial of our private, small group coaching program that meets every Monday evening via zoom at 7 pm mst.  Message me on Instagram @daveglaser_cscs to apply for an invitation today!

The Myth of Finding “The One” with Dr. Liz Fedrick

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