Dating a Conspiracy Theorist with Gina LoPinto

On this week’s episode, we are joined by Gina LoPinto from New York City. I recently put an invitation out on Instagram for guests to share their stories on the podcast that may help others recognize authenticity when dating in the ups and downs of a global pandemic.

As you listen to today’s episode, I want you to be open to what (in)compatibility in a relationship can look and feel like through Gina’s personal story while dating a conspiracy theorist in 2021. She and I also dig into what it looks like to date an ex after many years apart and why you would consider it a good idea… or not! We also discuss how to approach responding when someone is beginning to project their personal BS onto their date or partner.

What comes up for you when you listen in on today’s conversation with Gina?

If her message resonates with you today, feel free to connect with her on Instagram or TikTok @ginaalo and let her know she’s not alone in her journey of dating in NYC!

If you’re looking for more support in your own relationship or dating life, connect with me on Instagram @daveglaser_cscs and I’ll sit down with you for an hour to sort through what’s coming up for you that is holding you back from what you truly want in life and love!

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