10 Signs Your Date has an Anxious Attachment Style

On this week’s episode, I walk you through 10 signs that your date or partner may have an anxious attachment style.  Attachment theory research has been evolving since the last 60s and I discovered its impact in my life about five years ago.

10 examples covered in this episode of an anxious attachment syle are

  1. Difficulty trusting others
  2. Fear of abandonment
  3. Feeling uncomfortable when emotionally vulnerable
  4. Difficulty expressing emotions
  5. A tendency to cling to partners or friends
  6. A tendency to push others away
  7. A strong need for validation and reassurance
  8. Difficulty setting boundaries
  9. A tendency to be overly critical of oneself and others
  10. Difficulty with intimacy and commitment

If any of these feel familiar to you or you are seeing them for the first time, please connect with me for a one on one consultation absolutely free for 30 minutes at daveglaser.com

After a couple of bad breakups in 2017, I decided to make a change and took ownership of my role in the ending of those relationships.  I sought out a counselor and began to interview experts in relationship theory and practice on this podcast.  Tune in today to learn how to spot an anxiously attached date while learning tools to grow through this lens of self-awareness.

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