3 Reasons You’re Getting Friendzoned

The top three reasons you may be getting FRIENDZONED are:

Agreeableness, availability, and accessibility can potentially decrease attraction in dating due to various reasons:

1. Agreeableness: While being agreeable is generally seen as positive, excessive agreeableness can sometimes be perceived as lacking individuality or assertiveness, which may reduce attraction. Dr. David Buss, a prominent evolutionary psychologist, suggests that this perspective is rooted in evolutionary theory, which proposes that certain traits and behaviors have been favored by natural selection due to their reproductive advantages. In this context, assertiveness may be seen as a signal of confidence, social dominance, and the ability to protect and provide for a potential mate and offspring. 

2. Availability: When someone is too readily available and constantly accessible, it can create a sense of predictability and diminish the excitement or chase that often fuels attraction.

3. Accessibility: If someone is always easily accessible and does not create a sense of mystery or occasional unavailability, it can lead to complacency and reduce the perceived value or desirability.

It’s important to note that these factors may not universally apply to everyone, as individual preferences and circumstances can vary. Communication and finding a balance between these traits can help maintain attraction in dating.

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