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As stated by Forbes magazine recently, 80% of businesses fail within the first year and a half because of these five reasons! The reasons why shocked me!

Reason #1: Not really in touch with customers through deep dialogue.
Reason #2: No real differentiation in the market (lack of value propositions)
Reason #3: Failure to communicate value propositions in clear, concise and compelling fashion
Reason #4: Leadership breakdown at the top (yes- founder dysfunction)
Reason#5: Inability to nail a profitable business model with proven revenue streams.

Can you identify one of these five reasons that are wavering in your business?

I certainly can pin point exactly what’s happening at Fit Life Champions that causes membership to rise and fall! And this is hard to admit but I’m going to be completely transparent with you, if I may?

The top reason that membership wavered in 2017 was because of Reason #4: Leadership.

2017 kicked me in the teeth personally. Two breakups and three health scares with my daughter put me in a dark place. But you know what? I didn’t quit.

Instead, I went back to the basics. I began talking to my members about what was going on, asked for their support, and created a new purpose and passion within my business. And that came to fruition in a new mission statement, “Fit Life Champions specializes in online personal training for busy adults that want to improve mental health, decrease stress, and boost energy.”

Does that quick story of our unique selling proposition (usp) clearly check reasons off the list above?

#1: I began to speak and connect with our members and ask what their needs were
#2: I began to set Fit Life Champions apart in the Denver area by working with trauma survirors
#3: I began taping YouTube videos that clearly state the how, what, and most importantly the why we work with mental health paired with fitness and nutrition.
#4: I took a long, hard look at myself to determine if the responsibility fell on my shoulder and dove deep into the Ennegram assessment which you can learn more about yourself at (it’s free)
#5: This reason has always been in place and that’s the area of expertise I bring to the table SO THAT when the first four reasons breakdown, the business model and its systems will keep running in case you (as the business owner) need to step away to deal with personal matters.

Thankfully, I had the systems in place with a team that I trust to support in the time of need. If your worst case scenario happened today… would your business continue to run without you present every day?!

A few years ago, I would have also said nope, no way. Which is why I’ve written out ALL of my systems in an easy to access online course to teach you how to scale your business in-person, online, and eventually open your own gym!

We are halfway through our fall mentorship program and I am wanting to give a shout out to those that are crushing their goals right now, only 4 weeks into the program.

Because of the outstanding efforts of our community growing together, we are inviting you to jump all-in and join us to finish out the program strong! We are offering a one time only special to gain lifetime access to the mentorship program so that you can study at your own pace.

What do you need the most help with today in your business?  I’d love to help guide you to earn more money in less time today.  This program includes everything you need to set yourself up for ultimate success because you will be completely finished implementing these systems for big things in 2019!