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It was my pleasure to sit down with Nick Meyer, Colorado State NASA Power Lifting Bench Press Record Holder.  He weighed in at 163 pounds and lifted an astounding 309 pounds!

Nick has been in business as a personal trainer for over five years and finds the most success from building relationships with members at his corporate facility at Lifetime Fitness in Westminster, Co.  That’s where we met a few years ago as I was a member and he was a new trainer from Montana.  He noticed a shirt I was wearing and introduced himself politely.  From there, we stayed connected over the years and he recently visited my studio where we boxed for an evening.  He enjoys high intensity exercise so that he can stay lean while he prepares for his next powerlifting meet at the end of July, 2018.


Nick’s training philosophy has a three prong approach which he dives deep into describing it so any one can understand!  It’s easy to follow and I am sure his clients appreciate the simplicity so they can be successful!

He has recently become a big fan of the Vertical Diet as it helps him recover and fuel his performance as a power lifter, mountain biker, trail runner, and basketball fan.

If his philosophy resonates with you, please contact him via email at or connect with him on Instagram and watch as he pushes his clients to a new new personal bests!

Instagram @nick_thabrick

Dave Glaser is a business coach for personal trainers that want to build a business, master online training, and open their own gym.  For the past five years, Fit Life Champions has grown from one client to serving members all over the world with online fitness and nutrition programs for busy adults that want to improve mental health, decrease stress, and boost energy.