Get Over Your Ex Challenge

NOW accepting applications for our 21 Day Get Over Your Ex Challenge with Dave Glaser, CSCS and Dating Coach

How do you get over your ex and find someone who will invest in you and your ideal relationship with effort and try to hold it all together?

Are we expected to keep a positive outlook while you heal from your recent break-up or divorce?

Or are we supposed to stuff it all down and continue to think that time will heal our pain?

If you’re struggling to make it through the day like I was after my break up, you might be asking yourself, “How can I even move on from my relationship and not feel this way anymore?”

How do you make yourself a priority when you’re only thinking of the break up?

If any of that resonates with you… I want to invite you to join my 21 Day Get Over Your Ex Challenge.

As hard as it is going to be to dig into all of the above even deeper, I know you will get so much out of the program when you join for just $197.

The program will begin with a group welcome call via zoom with people just like yourself plus three follow up calls to share what you’re going through plus a private group forum to connect and support for each of you.  

Members who are wanting to get everything out of life they ever wanted; in pursuit of a partnership that supports them and a community that will support them along the way.

All while doing it in a place free from shame, judgement and criticism

Just real support with honest coaching and accountability to help you get over your ex for good!

The weekly call will be one hour each plus homework so if you aren’t willing to do the work, I understand that this challenge won’t be the right fit for you

After all, it is a CHALLENGE! 

Are you all-in? 

Here is what we will be diving into each week.

Week 1- Introduction/Get to know your community and guidelines

Topic- How to get over your GRIEF

Open discussion

Homework- Book of the month

Challenge week #1- NO CONTACT w/ex

Week 2- Self-awareness

What is holding onto my ex preventing me from doing for myself?

Challenge week #2- MOVE YOUR BODY- What does exercise have to do with my breakup?

Week 3- Self-leadership

What I stand to gain by letting go of my ex is?

Challenge week #3- Special TBD!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS Week Included when you continue your membership after 3 weeks for $97.
To be fully transparent, I will ask you to document your experience in either a journal, through meditation and contribution in the private support group forum.

Sign up below now for just the cost of one Venti latte per day!

Are you up for the challenge?

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