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As a thank you to our amazing listeners, we wanted to invite our you to have access to additional exclusive content!  We’ve gone over all of the past episodes and there seems to be ONE THING MISSING!  And that is more relatable and personal stories from our host Dave!

In this exclusive content in the membership site, Dave will share even more of his dating life and what he has learned from those mishaps!  Essentially how to fail forward while dating.

Topics include how Dave got “Catfished”, those two nasty breakups last year, and what he really means by meeting the inauthentic people over the last year! For example, here’s one of the videos telling it raw and real!

Your exclusive membership will gain access to bonus episodes, early access to new episodes, a community to connect, collaborate, and communicate with daters, and so much more!  Like this quickie!

Click HERE now to gain instant access and your chance to speak to Dave each month about your dating journey!  As mentioned on the podcast, those that upgrade to the “Get Real” level of membership will receive their admission to the Live Event in April, 2019 absolutely free!!

Get Real

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