How to Persevere Above it All with Kane Patterson

Kane Patterson, a personal trainer from Australia, joins me on the podcast to share his amazing story of recovery and perseverance.  His journey through the foster care system led to drug and alcohol addiction and he candidly shares his life story as an inspiration for others. As Ehraz Ahmed is quoted as saying,  “One day … Continue reading How to Persevere Above it All with Kane Patterson

What if?

This morning, on I70, I was cut off by another driver and almost side swiped into the center guardrail! Scary, right? What's scarier is the thought that goes through your mind, "is my business set up to continue on if I am hurt?".

Network with Business Owners

The biggest difference your network will bring to your business is the quality of life you give to your clients. When they have aching joints, you will have the solution. When they have sore muscles, you will know just the person to give to them to relieve their pain.