Take Back Your Life in 90 Days

INTRODUCING the newest special community program from the Believe Be Real Be Bold Podcast for authentic dating! In just 90 days, you will learn how to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! That’s only three months to a complete turn around of your current life toward the love life you’ve always dreamed of!

Refresh yourself and return to the amazingness you once had before life took a serious turn off the path you thought you were on! Join our community with Dave Glaser for a small group experience that will take you from where you’re at today to limitless possibilities in just 3 months!

For all the details, click here now to get an immediate email from Dave and a free discovery call!

Each week, we will connect and communicate what it will take to remove all of the toxic past you’ve dealt with and transform you into the best version of yourself! Join women just like you in a private weekly group chat with research based tips to help you show up authentically to beat back the naysayers that are holding you down from reaching your truest potential!

Each of us will begin with a private conversation with Dave via zoom or phone call to discover exactly what it is that you want to do to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE now! Are you looking to let go of a past relationship? Or are you looking to return to who you once were because you lost yourself in a relationship?

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, we will help you take back your life and rediscover who you are in a small group setting, all virtual and accessible on your phone!

Apply today to set yourself free from the past! If you qualify for the September 9th, 2019 start date, Dave will reach out to you via email to set up a completely free 30 minute discovery phone call!

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