The Enneagram

Over two years ago, I found the Enneagram personality assessment and it forever changed my life. In a good way. At that time I was stagnant in my business and my relationship was struggling! Big time.

A few of my personal training clients had mentioned that assessment before so I was familiar with how much fun they had discussing it in small group training classes at Fit Life Champions. However, I was always stubborn and hesitant to grow personally because I was scared of what I would find underneath my mask.

Eventually, I humbled myself enough to attend a local seminar with a management coach in Denver. It was the best decision I ever made because once I took my own assessment and read through the results, my eyes were open to all of the reasons I was being held back in my life, professionally and personally!

I discovered my personality type is called The Challenger. And believe me when I tell you that it was spot on accurate! If you are familiar with the Meyers-Brigg assessment, you may know that it shows you how you see the world (I am the executive, ISTJ). On the flip side, the Enneagram shows you how the world sees you.

And that was so important for me to learn because I often time would be described as intense, controlling, and like a “Mack truck full of Marshmallows”! Once I attended the workshop with other Enneagram newbies and fans, I realized how much I had already grown plus how much further I could go to realize my dreams!

I even found a new client at the workshop and I plan to attend the next live event in September, 2019!

Since that first exposure to the Enneagram, I have dedicated time each week for personal growth, development, and self-awareness through the Enneagram. That work includes grabbing books on Audible, listening to podcasts, and speaking to friends and clients about the exciting relationship building that comes from studying the Enneagram!

In May 2017, the relationship I was in ended abruptly and negatively causing me to take a step back from work and dive deeper into my Challenger personality type, or type 8. I saw exponential growth in my life and business, increasing revenue about $3k per month immediately following the break up. I attribute that increase in revenue to understanding myself and others better through the Enneagram to become a better coach and leader!

I took that summer to refresh after the break up and soon found myself dating a new woman and for the first time since my divorce in 2004, I saw myself with someone that I could spend my life with…. But then, unexpectedly, I went through another break up in less than six months. That was not at all where I believed I would be after working so hard to overcome decades of hiding behind a mask of “Everything is OK”. But not everything was ok at that time.

After a couple years of being a fan and student of the Enneagram, I decided that I wasn’t satisfied with relationships ending and dating just to date. So I decided that I wanted to create a community of authentic people around me to “level up”. And that’s when the podcast began!

I sought out two local Denver dating experts, Jacqui Pugh and Jessica Smith to help me get started on discovering my path to authenticity! With the help of the Enneagram and many other local and international experts and daters, I have come to know what it means to truly date authentically in our modern world of swiping, online dating, and social media! Click here now to get your copy of my FREE eBook and put into action the 3 Steps to Find Lasting Love today!

To hear the full story behind the Believe Be Real Be Bold podcast and to learn more about the Enneagram, subscribe and download weekly episodes on iTunes or Spotify and many other popular podcast platforms available for free!

To learn what your type on the Enneagram is, click now, select the Rheti version of the test, then screen shot your results, and send them to Dave via email, Instagram, or Facebook.

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