The Sael Program

Welcome to The Sael Program! We are an inclusive community of self-aware, self-led men who feel like we have a purpose for being alive. And yet, we are men that are searching the outside world for his life to have a powerful mission. We search the world for love, contribution, and although we may not realize it yet, we seek consciousness.

The goal of The Sael Program is to improve all of your relationships through better communication, understanding, while discovering self-awareness through your attachment style, Enneagram type, and self-leadership.

This five week program aims to understand why your anxiety prevents you from building great relationships that last with people you CHOOSE!

How will your life and relationships be enriched after five weeks in The S.A.E.L. Program? We begin Sept. 27th, 2021 at 6:30 pm with a 1.5 hour live zoom event to discuss the following pillars of relationship health…

Self-awareness– understanding yourself and your needs is the fastest way to developing healthier relationships with loved ones, friends, and coworkers. We will work through the following personal growth tools to help support deeper connection with the people you care about most.

Attachment Style– attachment theory has a foundation in understanding how our lives and experiences contribute to adult attachments; primarily romantic relationships and we also see greater relationships created between children and their caregivers when self-awareness grows through your attachment style.

The Enneagram– is a typing system that has been around for centuries and has become increasingly popular as a tool to improve communication in relationships between couples. Understanding yourself through the lens of The Enneagram improves relationship to self and others while promoting compassion for yourself and forgiveness of others.

Leadership– leadership development within your relationship container is of utmost importance so that you can have clarity around who you are and what you contribute to yourself and your partner. We will begin with self-leadership through this program as we progress from week one to week five with resources to work with on your own.

Here’s a quick layout of our program week by week and what you will receive while coaching with Dave Glaser.

Week 1: We begin by uncovering your limiting beliefs and destructive patterns in relationship that hold you back: attachment style and Enneagram individualization.

Week 2: We progress by establishing a plan of action that will meet your needs and those of your loved ones: earned security and deeper Enneagram workshop.

Week 3: We collaboratively put in place new beliefs that support your values as you grow within your relationship with others.

Week 4: We develop a leadership plan that will highlight your needs and incorporate the contribution you bring to your relationships so that you can develop self-respect and receive the love you desire.

Week 5: We encourage continued growth by establishing top values and priorities in life and love to get the most out of your gifts that your relationship has yet to see as true possibilities.

If this feels like the right fit for you, apply below now to connect with Dave for a quick discovery call to ensure you’re ALL-IN! Be sure to schedule your discovery call immediately after you submit your application so that we can begin processing it immediately.

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Thank you, Dave Glaser

Wishing you health and happiness wherever you’re at in the world.

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