What is Group Coaching?

Application period is NOW OPEN for your Private Group Coaching Program with Dave Glaser, CSCS and Dating Coach

How do you find the TIME to work, date, and keep the “drama to a minimum” while you’re juggling family, friends, and a social life?
All while keeping a positive outlook on your love life, at any point along the journey…
If you’re a busy person like me, how do you fit dating into your insane life?

As part of the group coaching program, I like to send out a couple emails each month so that you can have the insight into modern dating that I’ve discovered can be the path to living your most authentic life!

Included in your program, is as follows

A group call each week to share wins, challenges, and your truth to receive support from other members.

A private group chat to connect and discuss life in between calls.

Two lessons per month that cover codependency, Enneagram, love languages, conflict, and enmeshment. And that’s just the start!

So to ensure that you get all that you wish out of this program, click the link below to sign in to your online lessons and get connected now!


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